A downloadable Dungeon for Windows

Welcome to Deeper

Deeper is a mystery dungeon inspired dungeon crawler with souls like elements which is being worked on as a student project, it's planned minimal scope features:

  • A looting system which will force the player to be conscious on the items they carry
  • A small player carry limit to the players storage for realism
  • Randomly generating floors.
  • Randomly generating enemy patterns
  • Going deeper will Increasing difficulty for enemies as well as more hazardous environments as well as spawn better and better loot.
  • Loot drops from enemies and chests that will get better when the player gets deeper

Once the game has been released and doing well we may consider updating the game to include some of our extended goals which are:

  • Other playable characters
  • A narrative the player will follow by picking up scrolls and small lore building items from chests and enemies
  • Different weapon types
  • A merchant where the player will be able to cash in coin they collect by defeating enemies
  • Optional hardcore difficulty where the player needs to light lanterns to provide light to the floor

Current Available Version: Alpha 2 Available! 
Development Phase: Research and Planning for Alpha 3
Planned Alpha 3 Release DateEnd Of Semester 1 2020


Deeper Public Alpha 2 Win.zip 38 MB

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